Online Second Opinion

Cancer Second Opinion Online in India

We understand that proper expertise may be lacking in many cities both in India and Abroad. Incorrect treatment of cancer can make it incurable and worsen the disease.

Thus a second opinion from a cancer expert is highly recommended to all patients. Now you can also get a cancer second opinion online from one of the best medical oncologists in India.

Obtain a cancer second opinion online from Dr Archit Pandit Oncologist
  1. A careful review of all your reports, blood tests and scans.
  2. Answer to a list of all your questions.
  3. A phone call for a detailed discussion of the patient.
  4. Ability to ask follow up questions.

In brief, cancer can be defined as a condition where the normal cells of the body become abnormal and start growing and multiplying uncontrollably and gain the ability to spread

Process for obtaining cancer second opinion online
  1. Fill the form provided at the bottom of this page.
  2. Our staff will contact you by Email/Whatsapp/Phone within 24 hours to assist you towards processing your second opinion request.
  3. Send us your patient’s reports and a list of your questions to us by or Whatsapp +91-9711130457.
  4. You will receive payment details and money can be transferred directly to our bank account.
  5. As per request, a phone call will be planned within 1-2 days. If you request a written opinion, you can receive a phone call within 1-2 days and the final written opinion in 5-6 business days.
  6. Follow up questions will be answered by E-mail or Whatsapp over the next 5 days.